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Colour Box:

The colour box will be positioned front and centre of the cropped hoodie as the focused design piece. The explosion of colours portray the shades of characters and the beauty of a woman's uniqueness. The perception of colours differ from eye to eye and the colour box is a canvas that embodies the different paintings each person visualises in their own mind.

The Virago Tag:

A virago is a woman who demonstrates exemplary and heroic qualities. We believe that every woman possesses this prowess. She is extraordinary and she is relentless. She is a warrior, and our design is a humble recognition of her importance. She is you. The tag is formed when you combine two x’s, the same as the XX chromosome that a female gene possesses. The combination of the x’s gives life to the V that stands for Virago, the collection’s identity. Countless hours have been put in to create this special and exclusive collection for you. We hope you love it just as much (if not more!) as we do.


The coordinates are a consistent trademark design element that Hoodie Ink. has etched on all of its products. It depicts the minimalistic and aesthetic approach the brand is committed to.