About Us

The What, Who and Why.

Rep The Collective.

First and foremost, Hoodie Ink is the canvas for group identity.


Life at school and university is one heck of a journey. We meet all sorts of people and have all sorts of experiences - whether it be as a class, a team, a committee, a club or just a group of friends.

Hoodie Ink understands and embraces this and places it at our core.

Group identity is one of the integral aspects of life - a deep and intricate combination of multiple individual personalities into almost a singular one created through experiences and relationships that will be remembered forever. It’s a beautiful thing!

We understand the market because we are the market and we see the passion, hustle and strength around us. This is the reason Hoodie Ink wants to start its journey by catering to the youth - a brand that truly revolves around this culture and designs that can truly rep the collective in style.


So at the end of the day, we’re saying that we have crazy good times and some awful bad times together - we’d love some sick hoodies in the name of the experiences that matter.