The Who, What and Why

The Who, What and Why

“Collectively Personal.”

First and foremost, Hoodie Ink. is an enabler of group identity.

Life at university is one heck of a journey. We meet all sorts of people and have all sorts of experiences - experiences that are usually traversed through as a group whether it be a class, a team, a committee, a club or just a group of friends.

We understand it, embrace it and place it at our core.

Group identity is one of the integral aspects of university life - in actuality, a deep and intricate culmination of multiple individual personalities into almost a singular one.

These systems created by the students themselves produce experiences and relationships that feed each other’s endurance through the worst parts of University - experiences and relationships that will be remembered far beyond the last day of class.

Hoodie Ink. wants to be a vessel representing these memories and experiences for every group out there in Universities throughout the country. That’s the vision that drives us. 

The individuals at the roots of this company and brand understand the market to an extent because we are the market and we see tremendous potential. This is the reason Hoodie Ink. wants to start its journey by catering to University students - differentiating ourselves by delivering not just a service/product but a brand that truly revolves around this culture and designs that can truly reflect its wearers in style.


So at the end of the day, all we’re saying is that we have some crazy good times and some disastrously bad times together and we’re sure you’d love some slick hoodies for the gang in the name of the experiences that matter.


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